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Quality Control & Assurance Management

At Oil Country Sandblasting Limited, Quality Control & Quality Assurance are regarded as being a management tool, a method of maintaining and improving quality whilst controlling cost. Quality Assurance is at the centre of every activity performed by us.

Oil Country Sandblasting Limited has highly qualifies coating inspection (Quality Control & Quality Assurance) team, most of them are NACE or SSPC certified. Our inspectors understand the need to perform quality work that exceeds our client’s expectations.

Our Quality Control and Quality Assurance are in strict compliance to the guidelines set by NACE, NIICAP, SSPC, CSA, ISO and ASTM Standards in conjunction with our Clients/Owners’ specification.

The Oil Country Sandblasting Limited coating inspectors are able to perform all checks during the various working steps from the monitoring of environmental conditions, to surface preparation grade, to dry film thickness measurements of each coat, till the final checks to ensure they are performed fully in accordance with specification requirements.

The coating inspectors are equipped with the necessary tools/equipment/instruments to perform any test and coating inspection.