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Health, Safety & Environment

Our approach to Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) is to implement a framework for overseeing HSE at our facility. Therefore, we are able to manage safety systematically and have the appropriate resources in place.

Oil Country Sandblasting Limited is committed to the protection from accidental loss of all its resources, including employees and physical assets.

In fulfilling these commitments to protect both people and property, management provides and maintains a safe and healthful work environment in accordance with the industry standards and in compliance with legislative requirements and strives to eliminate any foreseeable hazards that may result in personal injury/illness, accidents or property damage.

All employees are equally responsible for minimizing accidents within our facility. Safe Work Practices and Procedures are clearly defined in our Safety Manual. We believe that safety is the responsibility of all employees and management.

Our employees are our most valuable assets, and their safety and health is our main and first priority. So, we strongly believe it is the fundamental right and expectation of every employee (and their families) that they leave our facility safely at the end of each day.

All employees are responsible to provide their full cooperation with all aspects of the health and safety program. This includes compliance with all rules and regulations including the protection of themselves and the health and safety of fellow co-workers.

Proper attitude toward accident and injury prevention on the part of both management and employees will provide the necessary link in achieving our goal of Zero Percent Lost Time Incidents